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Are you captivated by intuitive possibilities? If so, you have much in common with author Cynthia Singleton. A credentialed teacher and teacher-librarian, Cynthia encourages people to explore their world and to discover their human potential. With over nine titles in print, Cynthia believes in the power of tapping into inspiration and intuitive senses. Through her years of writing, Cynthia also shares a love of poetry, nature, photography, and cats! 


Having a lifetime interest in unexplained phenomena, Cynthia is captivated by consciousness discoveries. Her book, Amping Your Abilities: 77 Ways to Awaken, Explore, and Ignite Your Intuition, encourages readers to tap into their human potential. In her earliest years, Cynthia lived in a home occupied by spirits and unexplained phenomena. It wasn’t until much later in life that she discovered others didn’t necessarily have the same experiences. Without childhood discouragement, Cynthia learned to be open to energetics and the unexplained. A teacher in many capacities throughout her life, Cynthia hopes to inspire others to embrace their innate abilities with which they were born.  


Cynthia’s earliest work, Nature Speaks, incorporates her love for nature and photography. As an outdoor enthusiast, her book  Adventure Traveled includes poetic and photographic travel adventures. To engage students in her classroom, she created simplified depictions of historical events through vivid poetic imagery— The Enduring Tale of the Oregon Trail and Titanic: A Tribute to the Human Spirit. Journals for reflective affirmation are among her published creations— to encourage others along their path. Cynthia adores travel and the ocean, as reflected in her first novel Island Antics— a book that had been swimming in her head since childhood.


Cynthia lives in scenic Southern Oregon. She enjoys exploring the outdoors and nature photography. Cultural opportunities, dance, and yoga are among her favorite activities. And she adores cats! Visit or for inspiration and exploration. Live well, love life!


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