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Island Antics: A Tropical Adventure

ISBN 9781499288957

   Lily’s choice was easy. Her dad said she could bring two friends with her on a playful summertime sailboat vacation. Being inseparable friends since kindergarten, she chose Sam and Megan, of course.
     On open seas, a harrowing nautical incident separates these three kindred companions from vessel, family, and civilization. A sailboat expedition turns into an unexpected journey on a fragrant tropical island with iridescent bubbled shores. Brave undertakings, amusing mishaps, and thrilling encounters present themselves at every turn.   
     Will childhood friends persevere in their daily quest for survival? Can joyful amusement be found in the midst of true challenges? Be immersed in majestic surroundings and breathtaking events in this enchanting journey full of island antics and tropical adventure.

A Junior Fiction novel:  
and for anyone looking to experience a captivating and fun tropical adventure!!!

Nature Speaks

ISBN-10: 1466375442

ISBN-13: 978-1466375444

 Are you inspired by the abundance, embrace, and song of nature?  Sit, listen, engage, seek.  Listen as nature speaks.  Photos and poetry by Cynthia Singleton..

Adventure Traveled

ISBN-10: 147928792X

ISBN-13: 978-1479287925

Do you love nature and all of its possibilities?  Savor in the adventures... from alpine skiing to shoreline snorkeling.  Paddle in the reflections of epic kayaking.  Roll in the excitement of mountain biking and the peloton glide.  Hear the crunch of snowshoes beneath your feet.  Feel the winds, snow, and water tickle your skin.


Express play and live today.  Release the weight of your pack and surrender to the scenery.  Travel in the breath of the adventure.  Photos and poetry by Cynthia Singleton. 


Titanic... A Tribute to the Human Spirit

ISBN-10: 1475253540

ISBN-13: 978-1475253542

Titanic is a rhythmic and poetic tribute of the RMS Titanic that set sail in April of 1912.  Titanic's elegant grandeur, stories of heroism, and enduring spirit live on in history.  Historical public domain pictures accompany this child-friendly poetic account of this widely known historic event that impacted the world and fascinates people even today.  Cynthia Singleton wrote this tribute in 2012... the one hundredth year anniversary of Titanic's maiden voyage.


A Positive Voice

ISBN-10: 1482002183

ISBN-13: 978-1482002188

Let your life be the canvas of a story well lived.  May this journal-like book be a gift of empowerment to you.  Affirm positive thinking by documenting daily highlights and reflections throughout your year.  Each month is accompanied by affirmations.  Start this journey any day of the year.  Your voice is your daily echo, affirming your life year to year.  May it be a positive voice.  Inspired by students, suitable for any age, gender, or place in life.

Cat Whispers

ISBN 9781482002188


"Whisper an epic tale of magnificent scale,

 with whiskers, fur, and feline allure."  


 Be bewitched with bliss, entranced with delight, and captivated by capers of the cat.  Loving a cat is an adventure, comedy, and romance wrapped into one fell "swipe."  Every feline fan can relate to the enchantment of the adored fuzzball friend and family member.  You are invited to engage in the escapades.  Author Cynthia Singleton tells a tale of a sublime tail through photos, poetry, and noteworthy cat observations... featuring Louie Dewey Mocha Latte.  Revel in the resounding rawr devotedly purred in Cat Whispers. 


The Enduring Tale of the Oregon Trail

ISBN 9781500427160


Written by teacher, Cynthia Singleton, with students in mind, The Enduring Tale of the Oregon Trail retells a basic summary of the epic pioneer saga of American expansion westward in the 1800's.  The rhythmic and poetic format will engage learners in the adventuresome journey along the photographic terrain of the Oregon Trail.  This book is ideal for classrooms, homes, libraries, and American history collections.  Visit


Journal... Reflect on Radiance


ISBN 9781502362667


This vibrant sunflower themed giftbook provides lined spaces and sprinkled sunflower photos throughout. Enjoy opportunities for the writing of your choice... ponder, muse, clarify, pray, meditate, examine, dream, discover, or more. Write poetry, lyrics, or maybe even stories. No matter what you choose to create, reflect on the radiance of life in this lovely journal intended for someone special... maybe even you!

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