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Author Turns Loss into Nation-Wide Gesture


In the wake of a profound loss, author and teacher, Cynthia Singleton turned sorrow into something constructively positive.  In honor of her beloved passed feline, Louie Dewey Mocha Latte, Cynthia sent a copy of her book, Cat Whispers, to animal organizations and sanctuaries within each of the every fifty United States.


As a teacher and librarian, Cynthia hopes to bring awareness to those who strive to improve the lives of animals.  As an author, Cynthia hopes to illustrate, through her book, the joy one animal’s life can bring to a welcoming home; this often being the illuminating message of animal organizations throughout our nation. As a community member, she shares in the mutual appreciation of beloved family members… our pets.


Every book sent to each state was delivered with the message:  “In loving memory of an epic life, Louie Dewey Mocha Latte… please accept your gift, Cat Whispers, as a gesture of gratitude and recognition for all you do to make a difference in the lives of animals.”


Cynthia Singleton’s book titles are available worldwide and through numerous online retailers.  For more information, visit or join Author Cynthia Singleton on Facebook.

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Mailing Louie's Book to Each of the United States

A Fifty State Receipt

          Cynthia's beloved whimsical feline, Louie Dewey Mocha Latte, is featured in her book, Cat Whispers.  Louie was spotlighted on Animal Planet's "Wall of Fame" and was a beloved contender on Animal Planet's "Decision 2012 Campaign."  

Sunset on an Epic Love

A Photo in the Final Days

Louie Dewey Mocha Latte


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