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A Present in Presence

Do you ever feel like circumstance is giving you a good blow to the stomach? And what if whatever “it” is (the circumstance) is something unavoidable and necessary to attend to? A tax on your system— depletion?

In my latest book, I write about circumstance and self-care. Life will happen. Chaos is inevitable. So what does one do to get a break? Do you ever just crave a moment of peace?

A few years back, I made this video: Suffer Story & Circumstance How do You Live, Thrive, and Respond? It’s a good reminder for me too. Especially when I remember to stop and look around in any present moment. So what can one do to get a reprieve? To take a breath?

Generally, sometime during the day, we will experience a quiet moment. In that, can you find a few things that bring peace? It’s likely that “the thing” of discontent is not always in the room with you— unless you keep replaying stressful loops in your mind (as mentioned in my video).

For kicks, here are a few quick activities that may offer a reprieve and drop you into the present moment:

  • Look around the room for something that refracts light. See the beauty in it. Take a couple of minutes to study that illumination in detail. Can you imagine being in that light?

  • Look outside or go outside. Concentrate on five things that are alive. See if you can drop into the vibration of movement and nature’s living breath.

  • If you have a pet, take a moment to nurture them. Admire them, brush them, or even play with them. Focus solely on their mannerisms and connective pleasure.

  • Pick up a meaningful object in your immediate environment that triggers only pleasure. Study it and concentrate only on its features and details. Saturate your mind with the object’s features.

  • Tea. Sip on a cup of tea while focusing only on the sensation. I find drinking my morning matcha a very sensual pleasure as I tune in to it visually with my senses and take in its warm deliciousness.

Life will happen. It’s inevitable. And sometimes we feel like we can’t get a break. But we can. If even to bring “presence” to the present moment.

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