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Dissonance and Trust— Odds in Our Favor?

I feel a matrix of intelligence at work— with magical possibilities.

Have you ever had those moments of hindsight where you felt like the Universe was moving you along, ready or not? Those “train wrecks” that actually turn out to be the derailment that took you to yummy new lands? The “squeeze” on life that seemed to actually be a birthing into expansive awakenings?

Speaking specifically of such— I remember feeling the scramble when learning a home I was renting was put up for sale. That situation “pushed” me into the town of my dreams. Or that relationship from long ago that didn’t turn out— I’ve been known to resonate with Garth Brook’s song, “Unanswered Prayers.” I have a deep reverence for former loves, and yet our chapters had come to a close with lasting lessons. And then, my most tender direction that I write about in my book— the loss of a beloved soul that profoundly CATalyzed my spiritual expansion.

The Universe may be offering gifts in what looks like adversity. Yet today might be precisely the circumstances that leads you to your best and brightest days. If you find yourself in resistance or dissonance, perhaps Source may be nudging you to your highest calling. What if we were to trust the whisper of innate divinity? Maybe your intuition is tapping into a siren’s call of better things to come. So when you feel those isolating times marinating in reflective disassemblement, I wonder if that chrysalis is preparing one for greater flights.

Live well, love life. And as a dearly departed once said, “Fly!”

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1 Comment

Oct 02, 2021

Sincere and beautiful words offering great comfort and encouragement. Thank you.

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