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Magnificent Beast & Divine Calling Card

So my sister is facing the imminent passing of her kitty, Casey. Synchronistically, the news was discovered when my mom and I recently traveled to Washington for our annual trip. We were graced with the opportunity to “hold” one another as the renal prognosis was delivered. The same nature of my Louie’s passing— his and my story, interlaced throughout my book. As sacred recognition of the magnitude of our connection, Louie’s sweet gaze appears on the spine of my book. And my sister’s Casey is her version of my Louie. In my family (and perhaps you can relate), our pets are, without a doubt, our beloved and rightful family members.

Just this morning, my sister reached out to tell me of an amazing discovery after dropping me at the airport from our trip. As related, my book speaks of feathers, signs, and serendipitous coincidences— synchronistically, my sister returned that day to find a large feather sitting at her doorstep. The door that would return her to the remaining gift of time with her beloved, magnificent beast Casey.

Casey was quite peaked during our trip. Yet with some intervention, he and she are mutually “dancing” these days (perhaps months) in knowing how precious each moment is in this incarnate life together. My sister said that in the eleven years she’s lived in this home, she’s never seen a feather at her (sheltered) doorstep. Such synchronicity. My sister reports that Casey is currently doing pretty well and that she can’t help but think there is some special support here “for him.” With a dove emoji and swirls of light, I was happy to deliver a resonating impression, “and for you too.” Though my mom and I had left that day, my sister and her Casey would not be alone. A Divine calling card in the form of a feather made that message clear.

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