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Synchronicity in Dragonflies

I often tell myself to document stories like the next— synchronicity at its best! My first live podcast appearance had arrived. Sweetly, my best friend had, at last moment, come the same day of this momentous occasion. Elated and sitting down for a sushi lunch together, I gasped when I spied a dragonfly sitting on the window sill directly at my side— indoors. I pointed to the beautiful creature that has been "a sign" of mine for years. Tenderly, I reached out to assess its status. I stroked its legs and saw that it was alive.

While giving a nod to the sushi chefs, I carried the sedate critter past my friend who had opened the restaurant door for us. Once outdoors and having selected a tranquil place to set the iridescent blue beauty, it fluttered only at the very moment before I made the move to open my palms. I was elated to feel it flutter vibrantly! It paused midair in my presence for one sweet moment and then rose into the treetops.

When my best friend and I get together, things happen. Like finding the BEST parking spot on a crowded night, discovering dollar bills at our feet, and happenings like THIS! In recent days my life has taken a tender turn that has led it in a new direction. When sitting back down to dine, I shared the significance of dragonflies with my friend. To me, they've always been a sign of "new beginnings." Just moments before arriving at the restaurant, my friend had been "coaching" me through some big shifts in my present life.

It's as if the Universe was not only offering recognition of tremendous change, but also illuminating recognition of the path ahead, including my first appearance on a live broadcast— a milestone in an author's career. We spoke of the significance of this miraculous dragonfly that showed up directly by my side—this creature who let me touch it, handle it, carry it without incident— up to the very moment, it gave a vibrant nod and lifted upward.

Upon arriving home to change clothes for my interview, an outfit draped on a hanger I'd set out the night before. When I reached for the necklace encircling that hanger— tears of synchronicity arose in affirmation. I suppose you might guess what was engraved on that metal necklace I'd chosen the night before.

Yes— a dragonfly.

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