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The Little Girl Who Wanted to Be an Author

Even as a child, I was writing poetry, stories, and playing with words. Inspired by my grandmother, who loved writing and gifting magazine subscriptions, I began writing a book in fifth grade that took years of life's adventures for the book to fully develop. It was my childhood fantasy of getting stranded on an island with friends— which in 2014 became my beloved junior fiction novel, Island Antics.

Over time, I realized that my most prized and saved treasures were the collection of poems, writing assignments, school reports, and journals I'd created over the years. Okay— photographs and books about unexplained phenomena too. Thanks to my mom, I'd spent many years on bended-knee in the public library. My love of writing, inspiration, creativity, and adventure transferred into my career supporting kids as an elementary school teacher and librarian.

In 2001 I moved to Ashland, Oregon, where I dove into learning about the publishing world. When later living in Northern California, I discovered the world of self-publishing. My first book, Nature Speaks, was published in 2011. While I always had the dream of releasing a book via a publisher, I managed to self-publish nine titles over the course of a decade.

Back in Ashland, my recently released and bestselling book, Amping Your Abilities: 77 Ways to Awaken, Explore, and Ignite Your Intuition, "downloaded" one night after a dance class. The week after it initially came to me, I received a solicitation in an email. A new publishing house was looking for books in the genre I'd fully outlined just the week before. The synchronicity was presented on a silver platter, and I decided to partake!

My book, Amping Your Abilities, was sweetly received in 2021 by audiences as a #1 New Release in New Age Self-Help. It hit multiple top ten best-selling lists. It continues to be top-rated, and most of all, is reaching audiences. As a teacher, librarian, and caring human being— I hope to inspire the lives of my fellow companions on this rotating rock we call home.

May the inner journey I share, via my latest book, encourage your journey. And may the playful explorations within my book inspire a more meaningful life to all who partake. At a younger age, I coined the term, "Live well, love life!" I'm sincere about those words— for myself, for anyone who wishes it so, and for the lives (and pets) we can inspire along the way!

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